Mar 6, 2010

I showed up for an interview the other day. There were 3 other people there when I arrived sitting in the waiting room. I requested to use the bathroom... I didn't know how long the wait time would be and I hate sitting through an interview while my bladder is screaming at me... those of you in post-menapause know what I am talking about. Anyway, the office is small and so is the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was the empty toilet paper roll... but there was a roll of paper towels sitting in a basket on top of the toilet tank. I did my "thing" and when I went to grab the paper towels it fell into the toilet! Even though I grabbed it with lightening speed the roll could not be saved. Now what was I going to do? No more paper anywhere. I was able to peel off a 2 inch area that was not wet yet and took care of myself. But, I thought what will the next person do and you know there will be a next person. So I did what any self preserving gal would do... I sat back down in the waiting room and kept my mouth shut.

But, of course, someone, an employee or was it the hiring manager?... went in the bathroom. right after me. She was in there a good 5 minutes... I knew because I could here the bathroom fan. My head was swirling with different scenarios. What I did know is that she found the wet paper towel roll in the waste basket and she probably did not have tissue on her. Did she know it was me? Would she hold that against me? Why does this stuff always happen to me? Years ago I went to an interview and I used the bathroom before I went in. I discovered after leaving the interview that my skirt was tucked into the back of my pantyhose! Oh well! too late now to fret over it. Whatever happens - happens!

Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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Jennifer said...

I noticed you enjoy certain writers and relaxtion and meditation speakers - have you ever read anything by Sri Chimoy? You might enjoy his poetry. Stop by and visit me sometime - Happy Friday, Jennifer jennsthreegraces