Mar 19, 2010

Lots of things going on right now. Somedays, I am on an emotional roller coaster. The job thing is finally coming together. I mentioned the other day that I got hired to be a caregiver a couple of weeks ago. I got 2 days of work from them and that just is not enough for me. I was offered some shifts but they were not working for me... mostly 24 hour shifts for 4 days at a stretch. I would literally be living with the client and not able to go home. Well, you know I spent 3 months away from my family last year not to mention the 2 week long jaunts I did several times looking for work before I finally moved down here when James broke his leg and then I was gone the 3 months. I figure I can always make more money but I cannot make more time. And time with my family, human and furbaby are much too important.

I answered an ad for massage therapist in a chiropractors office, going to farmers markets and stores as part of a promotion for the chiropractor and I got it! The pay is much better and since I have 6 years experience I have more opportunities to get back into that line of work. I stopped working as a massage therapist when we moved to Chico because the pay was so low. I guess those college students at Chico State have better things to spend their money on besides massage. I just decided to go back to restaurant work and did not think about it again seriously until I saw the ad. The hours conflicted with the caregiver position though... I was waiting for a job to start... the hold up was with the family... they were deciding when I was to start. First it was last week, then Monday of next week and then they did not know when and I was left hanging. Not a nice feeling for me who has issues with patience anyway. Everyday I don't work is another day without pay. So when the chiropractor's office called this morning to find out my availability again I told them any day they wanted and then I called the caregiver office and quit.

I start this Wednesday doing massage which I love and I am great at it. It is 3 to 4 days to start but then who knows...

The other thing that is staring John and I in the face daily is Olive, my Chihuahua. She is 17 years old (I am guessing, woman like to keep their true age a secret) and her heart disease has progressed. She collapsed last December and has been on meds. Lately we have been taking her into the vets to be checked out and her stomach has to drained of fluids because her heart valve is not closing properly. We were told in December that the meds would not cure her but they would buy her time. We took her to be drained last Saturday and Sunday night she was getting bloated again. She is also taking a diuretic which makes her pee alot but lately she is not peeing as much as she did a couple of months ago. Tomorrow we take her back to the vet. I hate having to put her through the ordeal of getting her stomach drained. I know it has to be painful. The last time she had a bruise for a couple of days. John says it doesn't hurt her but I don't believe it. She is a tough broad and just because she does not cry out does not mean it is not painful. I was told in the animal kingdom that they do not cry out in pain because it is considered weak and if she was in the wild she would become food for a predator which sees her as weak. The vet says even though she has health issues, she is doing good and not ready to go yet. Still, it is something I think about and try to prepare myself. I do not want to waste a lot of time on it though because I want to focus on the time we have together. The present moment. I haven't seen an expiration date on any of us so no one knows when any of us will cross over. I want to enjoy each day and not upset her by constantly checking on her breathing. I am sure she is living in the moment and not worrying about how much time she has left. If there is anyone out there in blog land who has gone through this I would appreciate any input you have.

Hope your weekend is spent in the moment and full of laughter.

xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

Been through it and she will let you know, Congrats on the massage job and take care of your own hands and arms and shoulders!