Mar 11, 2010

I was listening to the radio the other night and the DJ is that the correct name these days? Anyways it was NPR and that person was interviewing someone who had worked for an occult publishing company. This person mentioned that on her desk sat a "ghost in a jar" which was given to her by her employer. That got my attention and I guess the DJ as well. He asked her to elaborate about this "ghost in a jar". She gave a brief description about it and it's supposed origins and then mentioned that they were sold on eBay.

So when I got home I had to look it up. At the time there were no "ghosts in jars" for sale but there were plenty of "haunted" things for sale. It seems that a big seller is haunted dolls. They fetch a good price. I read the background of these dolls and why the owner considered them to be haunted. Now you know I am a believer in the paranormal. I have had a few personal experiences, but some of these stories just seemed to me to be... well... stories. But these dolls were selling! Now, the business side of me got to thinking... I should run down to the nearest Salvation Army or yard sale and buy some dolls and write a good "ghost story" to go with it. I sure can use the extra cash and who knows maybe this could be my new career... selling haunted dolls and some rings that used to belong to an old aunt who used to be a practising witch. wink. wink. BUT... then the spiritual, moral or whatever you want to call it starts talking to me (in my head) that if I decide to go into this biz adventure then Karma will catch up with me and one of those dolls will strangle me in my sleep! This needing to do the right thing so Karma doesn't kick my ass is cramping my style!

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