Jan 23, 2011

I am on day 4 of chemo and my body is handling it well... a little nausea that we nip in the bud... chemo has come a long way baby! I had 2 radiation treatments and back on Monday. I hope to go home on Monday... I finally pooped 2 nights ago... anyone who has waited over a week knows how great that is! down size is my bowels have a mind of their own... I sleep wih a diaper... my new normal but it is temporary. I am alive and eating again. I lost 15 lbs since Dec 26th but today I was weighed and I gained back 3 lbs. My family brings me Jamba juice daily with a protein shot... that helped on the days I did not want solid food. My days are mostly good, but I need those pain meds. I find myself hallucinating though...having conversations with people who are not there...there is no way I could safely drive...thank God James will drive me to all my appointments.

CJ gave me a wonderful massage yesterday...she has also been a Godsend. She was my supervisor at my last job and even though we did not know each other long we bonded fast. She battled the C word 3 times and knows what I am going through. I really cannot complain... I have nothing to complain about... I am alive and I will recover... my life is GREAT!

Remember everyday is a gift and don't sweat the small stuff. Don't forget to laugh out loud xo Inge

P.S. I got my first hospital bill and I'm still laughing... and I worried about a little credit card debt!

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