Jan 6, 2011

I'm back home...got here last night. 10% of my liver was lopped off Monday afternoon but it feels like I got kicked in the stomach by a horse. Tuesday I was able to wobble my head around and sit up for a minute... my morphine pump was my new best friend. I never had morphine before and let me tell you it works! I was able to control the dose... sort of...every 10 minutes it was ready to disperse a dose when I pushed the button... if I pushed it any earlier it beeped but it was a fake dose. Either way it worked. Wednesday I did some walking and my doc felt it was ok to go home. I would have like to stay one more day but I have to admit it felt good to sleep in my bed. I still have my drain in and will go back next week to take it out. I am so grateful to David Imagawa M.D. for literally saving my life.

Have a fun day and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge

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