Jan 13, 2011

Well, about an hour after my last post thought I was finally taking a poop, but my body had other plans. My poop turned out to be the start of blood clots... so back to the ER. Thank God we live 15 minutes away from UC Irvine. They took me in immediately and 8 hours later I got 2 more pints of blood.

I am still in the hospital and Tuesday am my rear end was scoped by the glorius "Argon Beam" to stop the bleeding... I now have 5 different people's blood co-habitating with mine. I have given blood in the past but it has been many years... I never really thought about what a gift it really is. Have you thought about how you were saving someone's by taking out a couple hours of your day and donating? I will never know whose blood I have but I give thanks to each of them! They saved my life!

Today I went to my 1st radiation visit. I was tatooed and measureed with I think rays so they could make a mold of my butt. The room had a ct machine and on the walls and ceiling I saw a video of the beach with birds and sound effects. I don't know how but I smelled coconut suntan lotion, which my doctor said was not pumped into the room. I don't know where it came from but it was nice. I don't cry often...especially from fear but I got emotional in that room... maybe it is a release... don't know. I also get emotional when I think how blessed I am... I have so much love and support.

It's funny how everything falls into place. My liver surgery was 10 days ago... my drain was removed yesterday so when I laid on my stomach for the radiation prep I was not in pain... 2 days earlier I couldn't have done it.

So here I sit in my hospital bed... blogging waiting again to poop...

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