Jan 14, 2011

I am out of MICU and in a private room... soooo grateful! I was in limbo in the ICU because by the 3rd day I was well enough to move to another ward but the hospital is full and has been for a week. In the ICU there are different rules for the patient...they are hooked up to monitors but they also have catheters so they really don't need to get out of bed... well, my catheter was removed by the 3rd day so I have to get up to use the toilet... the problem is I am hooked up to monitors and have to call a nurse to help. As I mentioned there are very sick people in that ward so peeing is low on the list. Last night I wet the bed twice and finally was given a bed pan... no fun. My new room has a shower and toilet, I am not hooked up to anything...YAY!!!! It's the small things right now that are great. James brought me an ice cream sandwich that... for me... tasted like it came from a 4 star restaurant.

Have a fun day and don't forget to enjoy the simple things! xo Inge

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