Jan 1, 2011

If my butt wasn't sore, I would kick my self! My body is 55 years old... I know I look 40 and I act 13... I did not get a colonoscopy test because it is expensive... but somehow I should have scraped the money together.... well, enough of that... I cannot go back in time... it is what it is... and I am beating this! I am normally a huge worry wart... I can obsess for hours about things , but since my diagnosis, I have not felt fear or worry. I know this will make me stronger! I plan to tell everyone I meet who looks about 50 my story and hopefully inspire them to get tested. I will also stop dragging my feet and take more chances. I will also go back to wearing my "style" of clothes (a cross between Cindi Lauper & Phylis Diller)... My new mantra is "I gotta be me!"

I am soooo grateful to my doctors and nurses at UC Irvine for taking great care of me. They not only give me the medical attention... I can feel their love... I know it sounds sappy but really... these people truly love their job and love helping people... they work very long hours and are never grumpy. I am truly blessed for finding this hospital... I believe my guardian angel lead me here and talking about guardian angels... I have one right here in the hospital... Naomi, the doc who admitted me in the ER.... she has visited me several times a day, everyday. She gives me the inside secret to make things happen, the right questions to ask, etc.
She has taken me under wing and I am soooo grateful.

Have a fun New Years Day! and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge


Sharon said...

Thanks for the post. I am a friend of James and I have been needing to get my first colonoscopy for 2 years now. With a toddler, I haven't found the time, but you have inspired me to get it done in the next 6 months.

I know we've never met, but I'm praying for you today....and if your style is between Cyndi Lauper and Philis Diller...then GO FOR IT! Life is too short to wear clothes that you hate. :)

Sharon (from Chicago)

Karley said...

Inge, what an inspiration you are. I check out your blog every now and then and stopped by today since I finally have a quiet afternoon and I was shocked to read what is going on.

I am keeping you in my thoughts. You're a strong woman with an attitude.

Your note about telling everyone who looks to be about 50 your story--if you ever would be willing to share your story on my blog CHIC & GREEN as a PSA, there are many women that age who read each day and I know you could encourage someone to get tested.

In any event, please stay positive and focused on kicking cancer's butt :)