Jan 19, 2011

Well yesterday I got my port installed so that means that I don't have to get poked with all of those needles anymore. I got moved to the Oncology floor last night and am eagerly waiting for my first dose of chemo and radiation which will be starting tomorrow at 10 AM!! YAY!!!

I will be in the hospital another 4 days to make sure that everything is going as according to planned.

I woke up this morning very sleepy and the nurses realised that I needed 2 more pints of blood. Other than that we are getting ready and tomorrow is gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!! The bullseye will finally get to meet my little friend called 5-FU!! I can't wait!!! (this blog was dictated to her James Scott and he typed away like the wild and crazy guy he is!)
Don't forget to laugh out loud!!
XOXO Inge aka the Ingebird!!

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