Jun 28, 2009

This is my avatar on twitter. I added the green ribbon to show solidarity with Iran, if you would also like to show your support for them I suggest wearing a green ribbon to keep the awareness going... also this is my url on twitter . http://twitter.com/ingebirds

Here I sit again typing, typing, typing.... I still am not getting any better. Maybe this office stuff is not for me. To be perfectly honest I have always done better doing guy stuff... I mean I delivered auto parts in the 80s... working in the office did not interest me and I made lots more money and was a member of the Teamsters. Maybe I should be looking at warehouse work. I just need to find temp work so I can have the freedom to go down south to look for housing and permanent work.

I do take time out to visit twitter.com in between practise lessons. I want to check in and find out what is happening in Iran... the posts and tweets are not as frequent but the ones getting out are calling for our help... one of the requests are to forward to as many people as possible to get the word out. Even though the government does not care what we oursiders think, I believe they are fearful otherwise they would not try so hard to silence the protesters. I suggest you visit the site... as well as youtube and type in Iran 2009 and forward to others.

Their struggle is really our struggle... we are all human beings and really want the same things... to live a peaceful life. It is just some people in power around the world have a sick idea that they have the right either God given or otherwise to control others and enslave them... look at N. Korea, or any of the middle eastern countries and yes even Israel. I know I might create some anger but there are people in Israel that think it is ok to treat the Palestinian people like trash... I would think that the Israelie people would be the most sensitive about treating people badly because of their own painful history but it appears that "the oppressed have become the oppressors".

Ok, enough lecturing for now, but what I am saying is feel free to forward any of the links or pictures to anyone you might think might be interested in the Iran plight.
xoxo, Inge
Don't forget to laugh outloud!

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

LOL there did that. How much faster do you have to get? Sounds like you have hit a plateau..........