Jun 22, 2009

More news from Iran

The following is a link to the newest information coming from Iran http://tehranbureau.com/list-imprisoned-iranian-journalists-politicians/
I know I already mentioned this but I want to repeat that the information I am receiving is being sent by people who are taking a great risk by sending it out to the world, even putting their lives on the line. I know that sounds crazy by American standards because we sa pretty much anything we want. If you want to get information from twitter, you will have to sign up for it, so when you set up your account type in that your home is Tehran even if its not because somehow it confuses the people monitoring the accounts and they cannot find out you are from someplace else. www.twitter.com/
Like John Lennon said, "Power to the People!!!!!!"
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

Interesting about the Twitter.......
Yes, People to the People, RIGHT ON!