Jun 25, 2009

I believe we must be in the midst of a health crisis!

At least that is what I think after watching the endless commercials talking about erectile dysfunction. I swear every 3rd commercial shows couples dancing, sitting in bath tubs, or men singing praises about their long lasting dicks. How about that disclaimer that states if a man has an erection for more than 4 hours go see a doctor... I think that is more of an incentive for men to buy this stuff. I heard that viagra is covered on insurance but not birth control. What the hell???Do you know they charge $15.00 a pill? That is crazy!! Do you know that amount of stuff I can buy at a yard sale or flea market for that amount of money? I am amazed at the garbage that our society is talked into buying.

And while I'm at it I want to know what the fascination is with all these reality shows... Jon & Kate Plus 8, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol...I could go on and on. I just don't see the entertainment value for any of these shows. Personally I see it as part of the dumbing down of our society - what I call the Walmart mentality...meaning people will eat garbage, watch garbage, and wear garbage... I mean poor quality goods. I think we are losing our taste for quality and will trade it to save a few bucks, but the price of goods (I think) is not cheap...only cheaply made. Remember when you could buy a pair of shoes that would last for years and only required either new heels or soles that would be put on by your neighborhood shoe repair guy?
I tried to have new heels put on a pair of boots that I paid over $100.00 for only to find out that the whole bottom of the boot is made of hard plastic and cannot be fixed. My boots will become throw away boots and I thought I was buying quality.

Since I am on a roll... I am feeling a little discouraged today, can you tell?...I went to 2 different temp agencies today and filled out their paperwork. I thought I would have to take tests but that was never brought up..it was basically "don't call us we'll call you". I was sitting in one temp agency waiting room and watched other people arrive looking for work but dressing like they were either cleaning out their garage (these were the men) or like they were hookers (the women) What ever happened to "Dress for Success". Doesn't anyone look at those books anymore? What I wonder is... are these people getting jobs and I'm passed over? Maybe I should just start showing up in my underwear.

I do want to take a time out and express that I am sorry Farrah Fawcett died today... 62 years old... I enjoyed watching Charlies Angels back in the day... now that show was fun mindless trash. My brother had her famous poster in his bedroom. The last time I saw her she was on David Letterman acting pretty loopy... now looking back on it she might have been on meds... who knows. At least she is no longer suffering, although it hardest on those she leaves behind.

The phone guy is coming to install my land line... soon I hope, I get antsy waiting for repair people to show up. They say between 1 and 5 so they probably will show 4:45. I already got a confirmation call from their headquarters saying they are coming, but I think they were making sure I would be home... I wouldn't be surprised how many people make appointments and then are not home and do not call to cancel. I better go watch some funny comedy to get me out of this grumpy mood.
xoxo, Inge

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