Jun 18, 2009

It has been 2 weeks since I said "good bye"

to my beautiful kitty, Austin. I swear there were 2 times I thought I heard him howl. For now I will believe it was another one of my kittes imitating Austin... but if I hear the howl again it may very well be him... as I mentioned before I have had paranormal experiences in the past and why not have one with my cat. In life we had a strong bond...why should that change now that he has crossed over. If you are not an animal lover, you cannot understand how painful it is to lose one, even if they are senior citizens... I think all that fur hides their true age. To me Austin still looked like the young kitty I adopted 16 years ago... well, maybe his fur was a bit rougher looking. I had him cremated and he sits on a book shelf in my livingroom along with his two kitty friends who died 5 years ago. My vet sent me flowers! I was so surprised! In the past the vet I had at the time sent a condolence card... but flowers! Wow! It meant so much to me. I am so lucky to have found him. Thank you Dr. Callen!

Needless to say I have not gone down to socal lately to look for work. It took all I had to just get up and go to work, come home and spend time with my other furbabies. Work was really a challenge... I just did not feel like being my cheerful self and I know we should not bring our "baggage" to work but this time I did not fake happy, joy,joy! My thoughts about that are... I was grieving and that was that. I always crack jokes even when I am pissed off... my humor just becomes more sarcastic, but this time I just allowed myself to be me... goddess knows I have to put up with a variety of whiney and pouty customers and staff at times and now it was my turn. I also could not take the time off work because losing a pet is not considered the same as losing a human family member.

John and I have been taking the dogs to the dog park lately. They absolutely love it and have a chance to mingle and play with other dogs they do not normally see. I don't know if it has to do with losing Austin or what but I find myself getting annoyed with the usual questions I get when it comes to my Chihuahuas... "how old are they? how long will they live? what happened to his eye?" I have had to answer these questions almost everytime we meet someone new, and now I just get annoyed. My answers now are..." I don't know. They don't have an expiration date stamped on their butts. He got in a bar fight." You should see the strange looks I get. I mean really, I have met some unusual looking pets and people for that matter but I never asked someone these type of questions especially asking how long their pet will live. I just don't want to dwell on that or discuss it with a stranger, thank you very much.

I am back to practise typing. I took the speed test on Monday at the employment office and failed. I need to type 40 wpm no mistakes. I did it at home several times so I thought I was ready but I have come to the conclusion that the different keyboards do make a difference. My laptop keyes are smoother and the employment office keyboards is raised and hair trigger... keeping my finger too long on a key can turn an a into an aaaaaa. I type at the employment office daily for 2 hours.

I have to mention what is going on in Iran. I watch the news, youtube, flickr and twitter as much as I can to keep up with what is going on. I think we are witnessing a revolution (I hope) to bring about freedom, real democratic freedom to that country. The so called democratic government they had before is really a joke, when the one who really make the rules calls himself "Supreme Leader" and just pretends to offer democratic ideals. I could not live in such an oppressed society and I probably would have trouble participating in a peaceful protest...especially when I watched bullies on motorcycles clubbing unarmed people in the street. I feel my anger rising when I watch that abuse on youtube. I hope the people of Iran get the democratic government they want. I think the old guard is finally getting replaced by the younger generations all around the world... they will not stand for the bigotry, hate and discrimination that still seem to rear its ugly head even in the 21st century. I particpated in the protests during Iraq wars I and II but never experienced anything like this. I don't think we can appreciate the risk these people are taking for sharing these photos and videos with the rest of the world... maybe technology will make it possible to free people from oppressive governments. I hope so... life is too short to be forced to live life according to someones warped religious views and beliefs... now don't get me wrong I am for religious freedom but when someone's religious freedom dicates my personal freedom we have a problem.
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

I was actually wondering how you were just yesterday and here you've posted! It is hard to lose such a good and old friend, really nice of your vet WoW. I always dream of my animal exactly two weeks after the exodus and that somehow eases the grief.Not that is goes away completely... At the dog park... "This dog will live longer than you!" ....thanx for the vid that was cool!