Jun 21, 2009

In memory of Neda

She is the young woman who was killed yesterday by the basij militia who do the dirty work for the Iranian government. It was the video of her death that did it for me. I can no longer be a passive observer. I have to do somethig. I know I am in the US and I cannot go over there to help the people, but I can show my support for them in my city of Chico.
I stood on one of the busier intersections for two hours yesterday holding my sign of support. I did get alot of good response from the people driving by and someone was thoughtful enough to stop go into a store and bought me something to drink. Another man on a bicycle offered to buy me dinner... although I think he did not really read my sign and just thought I was maybe homeless? and asking for money?? either way he too was kind enough to ask if I wanted help. There was another woman who did not know what was going on in Iran and did not even know there was a country called Iran! I think the California school system needs some looking into!

I am returning to that same intersection today and I placed a post on the local Craigslist hoping to recruit more supporters. Either way, I will go.

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