Jun 24, 2009

Iran Update

I have been following CNN most of the day. It is the background noise for my typing which I am sorry to say is not as good as I hoped by now. All I can do is the best I can. I am afraid the years of working with my hands doing massage and serving food has slowed my fingers down. I am stubborn though and Ihave incentive because I really cannot stand going to work anymore. It's funny that I get so worked up at work over things I really cannot control... I remember feeling the same annoyance when I knew the man I was married to at the time (I have been married 3 times) needed to go away. Only this time it is my job. I am grateful though because I do not spend much time with the owner because usually after five minutes of working with him I fantasize hitting him in the head with a frozen chicken. He is a control freak... besides being passive aggressive and I truly believe he enjoys creatig havoc with his employees and customers. How many of you work in jobs where you are stopped on the street by ex-customers who tell you the place you work is a dump? It is happening to me more often. But if I keep things in perspective my work situation is a picnic compared to what the women in Iran must face on a daily basis.

News coming out of Iran is slowing down. The report I watched this evening showed protesters still out but being beaten more savagely...unconfirmed reports are of people getting hacked with axes. That news infuriates me. How dare a government being run by fanatics decide is alright to treat its people this way! I do not like guns but watching this makes me a 100% gun advocate! I think of m self as a thoughtful person and definitely non violent except when I see injustice. I would have no trouble of taking up arms against these militia and sending them home to their God. There is hope though... thanks to the geeks around the world who can hack into their government data basis and erase names of people to be arrested.... there is also a new cell phone number that is somehow available world wide that helps the Iran people get information to us. I don't understand how it all works... I barely could get with the twitter crowd! Oh and I found out disturbing news about Nokia and the Iran government...word has it they supplied the technology to them so they could spy on their people http://gizmodo.com/5299826/nokia-siemens-helped-iran-rig-networks-for-government-control http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/06/nokia-siemens-boycott/

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