Jun 21, 2009

Well, the turnout was not as good as I hoped... ok... Iwas the only one standing at the intersection... again. I did still got some supportive "honks" from people driving by. I even saw some of my customers... I can imagine what they were thinking when they looked at me..."Is that my waitress from Jacks? Is business really that bad forcing her to beg for money at the corner?" Can't wait to get back to work tomorrow. Ha!

Well, I do feel a bit better for making my voice heard, even if it was only to a few hundred people. Now I must get back to my reality and follow CNN in the background. Back to typing... I bought a keyboard that plugs into my laptop. It is more like the keyboards that I will be using and testing on when I look for office work. I plan to stop by the temp agency I would like to work for because they have an office in Oxnard, which is next door to Ventura and my hope now is to work a couple of months here and then transfer down south.
I do find myself getting impatient though. It takes me awhile to make my mind up about major things but when I know what I want I tend to want it now. There are always things... mainly just life that happens and my timeline has to change.

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