Jun 3, 2009

I have been doing alot of thinking about things

again. I seem to be going through my introspective period. As you know I am meditating again and thinking about things...other points of view, like Buddhism and I have to say I do not agree with their belief about attachment and its connection to suffering. Have you heard the saying "It is better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all"? Well, that is where I am at. I get it that it is not so good to be overly attached to someone or something... to be needy. Ok ,maybe I am not getting it. Attachment means suffering. hmmmm. If we do not "attache" ourselves to someone or something, for me life has no meaning. I am pretty much a loner, meaning I do not hang out with lots of people...ok women, because it has been my experience that the women I end up friends with turn out to be needy, or victims, or they complain about their men or that they don't have a man, etc. I really hate that. I get frustrated with those type of women but at the same time I seem to attract those types. So, I spend my time alone, with the family or I relate better with men. They seem to be less serious about things. Well, I take that back I do know alot of whiney men too, but they usually complain about things like the cost of everything. Oops, there I go again... rambling.

**** Subject change. Acupuncture. It literally saved my life. I mention this because I was listening to Dr. Dean Adel (I usually don't because I think he is a paid cheerleader for all things western medicine and pharmaceuticals) yesterday and he said the medical journal yadayadayada claims that acupuncture does not work... no science to back it up. I beg to differ...
When I turned 41 my periods went crazy! I had one every two weeks and I my periods were so heavy I could not leave the bathroom let alone go anywhere like work. After a year of seeing three different doctors and a few thousand dollars all I got was the same diagnosis... no I am not in perimenapause, take these iron pills, use bigger pads... All western medicine did for me was take my money and frustrate me...then I met a woman who told me about how acupuncture helped her with her periods. She gave me the number to the acupuncture school in Berkeley... my periods were under control by the third visit...they listened to me and agreed with my belief -just by listening to me and looking at my tongue! - that yes, I was in perimenapause and I could be helped. My period finally ended eight years later and I did need maintenance for that period (no pun intended) but I really believe if I had not discovered acupuncture I would have gotten seriously ill.
Austin seems to be feeling better than he did a few days ago even though he is weak and I still have to force feed him, but he is using the litter box and drinking water on his own. I looked up the human to cat years thingy and he is 85 years old, Saturday he has a birthday, I think we shall throw him a party.
xoxo Inge


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Kitty party at Junkstyle's bring treats! Western Medicine is good at surgery and testing and really that's about it. But then I am prejudiced. Glad you found your way to acup.

Michele said...

I feel the same way you do on alot of things...I feel at times I find I do push people close to me away because I love them so much, but then, I feel like what is the point to this life if you cannot really love and feel doesn't this seperate us from basically being Monkeys (and the jury is still out on them too, because I know animals feel)
I hope Austin feels better soon. I remember I had to "feed" my kitty when he did not want to eat, it was difficult.....if cats don't eat for 2 days they basically could have liver faiure, so make sure he eats. You are a great cat mom for taking such good care of Austin and taking the time to syringe feed him. I was told I was going overboard when I told someone I had to feed my cat this way, but my vet told me if I hadn't Baby would not be here. When my kitty was sick I became the cat whisperer reading anything I could. I just love that sweet old boy and needed to do whatever I could for him. I wish you enlightenment in your time of thinking. It is wonderful to meditate, sometimes all you need is a cup a tea and to close your eyes and drift away :) All the best, Michele