Oct 28, 2011

I was having trouble with my stoma bag yesterday. It is  was leaking AGAIN. It leaked Wednesday so I changed it and then Thursday afternoon it leaked again in the same place, so I called the home healthcare agency to get some advice. I guess its hard to troubleshoot that sort of problem over the phone, but the nurse told me she would get me some help. I had only one bag left and my supplies won't be here for at least one more week, so I thought I might have to use a ziplock baggie and duct tape for awhile. About an hour later my  home healthcare nurse called and told me she would come over Friday morning. Then a friend dropped off some extra stoma bags a few minutes later. Whew!
My nurse came over this morning to help me with my leaky bag. I was up most of the night checking it and putting more tape on it. I didn't want to change it though because I wanted my nurse to see where it was leaking. I'm glad I didn't because she had to take pictures of the area. When I did take off the bag I noticed my abdomen around the stoma had changed. I think it was swollen from surgery and now it's returning to normal, so I now have "dimple" near the stoma and exactly where my bag leaks. The ring used to sit flush on my skin but now there is an area where there is a very small space that stool can seep through. I called my doctor's nurse and she gave me a some paste that will fill in that area. Good thing because I was going to go visit the hardware store and buy some plumbers putty :O
Eat your fruits & veggies    xo Inge

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