Oct 19, 2011

Well, I made it through surgery. I was in recovery sleeping quite nicely when I woke up to someone hooking me up to the ekg machine, apparently my heart rate was too slow. I guess its better than too fast. They must have cleared up the problem because I am here typing. I spent the rest of the evening dry heaving. The anesthesia did not agree with me and retching after colon surgery is not fun. I was up most of the night, I was either trying to find a comfortable way to sleep...I like sleeping on my side but it was too painful so I used lots of pillows...and the rest of the time the nurse came in to draw blood or take my vitals.
I need help getting out of bed and I have a portable potty next to me. I can't walk because it is too painful, but I can sit in bed with lots of pillows to support my back. I haven't eaten since and Sunday night. Monday I only drank clear liquids and sat on the toilet all night. Today I am back to clear liquids but only after bugging my doctors for hours. Hopefully I can eat solid food tomorrow.
You know whats weird? I feel like I need to poop but the urge is down by my rectum. I guess my brain doesn't know I had my plumbing changed yet. I wonder if it is like ghost pains, like when someone has their leg amputated. I was just informed that my diet will change...it will be a low residue, whatever that means. I can still drink my smoothies and juice still.
Eat your fruits & veggies     xo Inge

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