Oct 17, 2011

Tomorrow is D day for me. Today I am packing the things I will be taking to the hospital. I also dyed my hair...I figure I should look my best for surgery :) I cannot eat solid food today...only clear liquids. My stomach is growling :(   At least I was able to gain 5 pounds, so I won't lose much more weight.  I am glad to be getting this colostomy bag sooner than later...I had so many "accidents" in my pullups while I was away from home the last two weeks I lost count. It will be nice to stop worrying where the bathrooms are and will I make it in time. I will be in the hospital for 4 days and I can't drive for 2 weeks. James will be coming over sometime today...he drove down from Oakland last night to be with me.

I just took 2 oral dlucolax gel pills (can someone explain to me why I had to get a store clerk to help me because the laxatives are locked up? Are the bulimics stealing this stuff???)  After an hour I have to drink a gallon of Gatorade mixed with Draino. You probably know how I will be spending my evening!
Oh, well...my tush will get one hell of a work out before it retires!

Eat your fruits & veggies!    xo   Inge