Oct 16, 2011

I turned on the tv yesterday morning and there was a story about a cancer survivor was being interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He had quite a story to tell... he is known as the chef with no stomach

Eat your fruit & veggies!    xo  Inge

p.s.    We qualified for food stamps. We are soooooo blessed. Thats one less thing to worry about.
Tomorrow we go and stock up on food...only 3 days before my surgery.

p.s.s.   I almost forgot to tell you...the other day I was talking to someone and all of a sudden I started farting....outloud! I was so embarressed...there was nothing I could do...remember I cannot control myself becasue my sphincter muscles are shot. This person though apparently did not hear a thing because he just kept talking. I decided if it...wait not if but when it happens again I will tell the other person to pull my finger!  ha!

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