Aug 14, 2009

I am still looking for work and limping around. My foot is not as swollen as it was but it is more painful, especially when I am off it for awhile. I cannot wear a closed shoe comfortably but I have for a few minutes when I went on my interviews. I did get hired...yay!!!! but the hours are part time and the pay is minimum!!!! I did take the job though because my peeps convinced me to take it and continue looking for work. I did go on another interview for a job I really want and the pay is much better but I was told they would get back to me in a week for a second interview and if I didn't hear from them call them back. Sounds promising to me but who knows?

Now back to the job I did get... I just don't feel right going to that job knowing full well that if and when the job I really want hires me, I will quit the lower paying job. I am not scheduled to start that job until August 23rd. Lots of people have told me that things like that happen all the time but I don't think it makes it right. It takes alot of paperwork and time to process a new employee. Now if I got hired and didn't know about another possible job offer then that is different. I really like the person who hired me and I know he has no control over the wages so I plan to call him and tell him I have to turn it down. I just think it is the right thing to do - for me.

I have to say something about the huge health care fight... I would say debate but I have seen nothing but a group of people who act like a bunch of small children having a tantrum. Their logic makes no sense to me. It looks like most of the people who are heckling and acting downright rude are old enough to get medicare and social security. Don't they know both are run by our government? I guess part of the freedoms of living in America include the freedom to look like a dumb ass! I recently saw a news commentary that these health care town hall meetings resemble an episode of Jerry Springer. I have to agree. As for Glenn Beck who, in my opinion is an overpaid village idiot and does not want any change in our health care system ... well, check out this video he made in January 2008... I think it speaks for itself.

Here is something else about the insurance company that was aired on Bill Moyers

I got this emailed to me and I signed the petition to stop aerial hunting of wolves: ttp:// #wildlife . Please take a look at it and if you feel the way I do, sign the petition and pass it on. Commercials that have animals in it get my attention and my newest fav is the SPDR commercial with the two dogs and the romantic french music in the background. I also found a you tube video with some one's dog watching it.

Have a fun weekend and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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