Aug 6, 2009

Sometimes I can't believe my luck

Yesterday we went to a local Mexican restaurant and it was busy when we arrived so we waited outside. Then a "for rent" sign across the street caught my eye, so I walked over to get a better look... I am looking for a house to rent and maybe this could be the one. I didn't notice the handicapped curb and down I went...on my left knee (the one I banged up about 3 months ago) and I felt my right ankle twist. Damn!!!!! I was thinking.... James just broke his ankle is a few feet away with his crutches and here I go and hurt myself! My outward reaction was to start laughing but inside my ankle hurt bad. I was able to get myself up and a group of other people looked at me like I was possibly drunk. Thanks for your concern and helping me up. I did not want to be a "party pooper" so I sucked it up and had dinner with my party, but I could feel my ankle swelling. When I got home I iced for the night and again when I got up. I had an interview (I can't say where because I don't want to jinx it) this afternoon and I was able to have a slight limp... you know my motto..."never let em see you sweat"!

The foot on the left is how my feet are supposed to look.
Watch where your walking and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

OUCH, limp on....I think twisted ankles are supposed to be good luck for job interviews.