Aug 6, 2009

Remember the saying "you can't take it with you"? Well, that is true but one can have a fancy place to spend enternity... for the right price.
This cemetary is definitely the most elaborate one I have visited. Especially the graves up on the hillside. The rest of it was a standard cemetary... graves had headstones flat on the grass so a mower could easily go over them. The fancier ones required a gardener's touch.

Can you see the three small black bowls? There is some type of food in them and it attracted all the crows. I think the food is part of a tradition in eastern religion... the food is intended for the departed to eat in the after life.

Check out the view! That blue area is the Pacific Ocean

This area contained many urns. It was quite nice and there were many benches around the cemetary where one could just sit with their thoughts.

I never heard it called "family estates" before. The rock with the sign "available" on it is actually an urn where one can spend eternity by a small babbling brook. I even saw 2 jack rabbits and a lizard playing in the area but they hid when they saw me coming with the camera.

Check out this real estate for the "dearly departed". May be you can't take it with you but you can have a fancy place to "rest in peace", if you have the cash.

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