Aug 29, 2009

I slept in today and actually got a goods night sleep for a change! I have been thinking about when I started this adventure and I have been going strong since May 2009. I was working 2 days a week at my job and spending the rest of my time commuting to so cal and looking for work. I moved down here when James broke his ankle in July... no wonder I am pooped! I have only taken 3 days off since May and today is my 3rd day.

I spent the morning catching up on the news online. I read the liberal paper because I like the editorials. Yes, I am a liberal... but I consider myself a social liberal ... I think people who are against gays getting married should just get a life! ... and those people who oppose abortion should not get one... I believe in live and let live and I am ok with religious freedom as long as that freedom does not limit my personal freedom... I am a fiscal conservative... learn to live within your means and that goes for me, and everyone else - including our elected officials... we are all responsible for our actions good and bad. Stop whining and pointing fingers! It is getting old! Whew! I must have woke up on the pulpit this morning!

Since I have time on my hands so I thought I would post some random stuff I have been thinking about or doing ...

I spent the last hour deleting and organizing my "Favorites " section. Do I know how to have a good time or what! I like to earmark things I want to look at later, so I just add it to my favorites section, knowing that I will eventually delete it when I have time. I saved some interesting stuff, well interesting to me anyway, and I came across this link on another blog I like to pop in on aka A Cup Of Jo. Here's the link,com_gallery2/Itemid,26/?g2_itemId=1289.

Remember Shel Siverstein? I really like his books so I found his website. If you have kids his books make a great gift

My landlady is going to this event tonight called Pageant of the Masters... here is the link From what I understand there are people standing around posing... a recreation if you will of what the models did for the painters back in the day of Leonardo and his peeps. If you ask me that sounds boooorrrrring! She is excited about going... good for her and luckily she did not invite me to plop down goddess knows how much cash this event costs. She has invited me several places in the past week and I turned her down because 1. I cannot spend money on anything except our move here and 2. She likes to do things that do not interest me at all or if I went I know I would get in trouble because something smart ass would pop out of my mouth! The other day she wanted me to go with her to watch home movies at her neighbor's house. They just came back from a 3 month trip to Vietnam and they stayed with people who live their lives on boats. I don't believe these people really stayed with them... I think they stayed in at least a furnished hut but not on the actual boat. Anyway, I told my landlady I did not want to go but if she had friends who had home movies about the ghost hunting count me in! I don't need to tell you the look I got. I can't help it. Watching a movie about Vietnamese boat people = a good nap... Anything to do with the paranormal = 4 stars. She does not give up though. I have to give her credit for that. She wants me to be her friend but I don't have the time for that. I will be living at least 45 minutes away - working a 50 hour week, I have a hubby, a kid, and of course my fur babies... I really don't have anymore time.

I did take time the other day to stop at the Oceanside Harbor. I felt my stress melt away, this happened before I got the job, so even though I tried my hardest I felt stressed. I think there is something so relaxing to sit by a harbor. I also took the time to daydream about the motor home we plan to someday own... actually a Mini Winnie. There were several motor homes parked at the harbor. The ocean was on one side and the estuary was on the other. There were several men fishing and the pelicans were lined up in case someone was willing to share.

I guess I better get out of my jammies... it's after 2 o'clock already.
Hope your weekend is fun.
Don't forgetr to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge
Wise words to live by

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