Aug 28, 2009

I treated myself to a massage today. I went to the Lincoln Institute of Body Therapy located in Orange, California. It is a massage school and the massage was only $30 for an hour! I could have used 3 hours worth but I was afraid of exhausting my therapist. If you can use a massage but don't have the $95 to shell out, I recommend looking for a massage school near you, the ambiance is not as foo foo but the student does just as good a job.., and isn't that what really matters? After that I ventured over to the The Shops at Mission Viejo. Let me tell you this is not your mother's shopping mall. There is a valet service in case you can't be bothered to park your own car, and the food court is called a dining veranda. A fancy schmancy name for fast food! There are two levels but I only made it through one before my feet wanted to go home. It is a nice mall though and I probably will go back when it is time to shop for work clothes.
Hope your Friday is going well. Any plans for the weekend?
Don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

Everything in this store is black and white.

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