Aug 22, 2009

I worked Blizzcon yesterday and by the end of my shift my feet were screaming at me. Today I will bring a second pair of shoes to change into, may be that will help. No Ozzy siting last night. I heard he will perform tonight at 9 pm. It will be more crowded than yesterday, which I find hard to believe! There were people milling about everywhere yesterday. I figured out what Blizzcon's theme is.... mix some Star Wars with some Elvira, add a dash of Hooter girls, a pinch of MC Hammer, throw in some vampires, and don't forget the Hobbits, top off with heavy metal hip hop and you have Blizzcon!

The hall where the event is had barely any lighting, I'm not sure if they were trying to set an ambiance or they just did not want to pay a huge electric bill... all I know is I could not see a thing especially in the back behind the curtains where the employees had to put their belongings and take breaks. At one point I mentioned out loud that I could not see a thing! and some considerate young man (don't I sound like a grandma?) took my hand and guided me to where we were going to work. I really do appreciate his help and I really did need it... I do not need to be falling down again! but I felt really old!

In case you want to see some of the events from yesterday...

Well, back to work today and tomorrow I take the day off and rest my foot...
Hope you have a fun weekend and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

So dark, bet you didn't really need to cover that grey. Happy recovering!