Aug 26, 2009

I think the job of motivational speakers and job coaches is to be the lone positive voice among the avalanche of negtive ones that bombard us each and everyday. I get lots of "well intentioned" advice from people, and I also get alot of negative comments. Your going to your job coach? They probably won't have much time for you they have to see alot of people... There are alot of people out of work, you probably won't find a job... you are travelling how far for that interview? That's a bad area, lots of homes foreclosed.... and on and on. I have discovered most of this "advice" has no supportive evidence to back up their claims... they basically talk out of their ass! It is hard sometimes when I am surrounded by these nay sayers... so I decided to start each day with a motivational video and end my day with comedy. And for the rest of these negative poops... If you have nothing positive to say, then SHUT THE HELL UP!

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