Jan 21, 2010

I am feeling sooo much better... healthwise and I am grateful. Remember when I blogged that I was going to be transferred to another restaurant as a server? Well, that fell through...I don't want to go into the drama that I started to allow myself to get sucked into... so I just will say sometimes "shit happens" and I decided to let go of the negative feelings I had about that and focus on the future and the possibilities that I now have. I was surfing youtube for something about attracting the perfect job and I ran across this interesting woman who wrote the book

I Lost My Job and I Liked IT. She has a web tv channel that might interest you

There is something about this time of year that I find myself reading about spirituality, or examining my life, meditating, or creating art. Then the closer it gets to summer I forget about things (although not completely) and I get side tracked in the day to day stuff. I don't know what happens or why because I really do enjoy engaging my right brain.

Maybe that is why this job did not work out... it was too much day to day stuff and did not allow me time to pursue my right brain activities... I barely had time to wash my clothes... so seeing myself as a victim is a waste of time...I wanted this job because of the money. I saw it as a chance to make a nice wage but I soon found out that wage came at a high price (and after adding up all the hours I had to work it really wasn't that great of a wage) I was not following my own advice "work smart not hard".

So it is back to the drawing board or rather as Lilou says vision board...

Hope you are spending time doing something you love and don't forget to laugh out loud!

xoxo Inge

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