Jan 29, 2010

I was driving home today about 4:30 pm from job hunting and while I was sitting at a red light I looked up to the sky and saw about a hundred birds way up in the sky flying together heading southwest. They were so high up I couldn't tell what type of birds they were. Then I looked over to the northeast and I saw hundreds more flying the same direction. I was amazed and decided to pull over in a parking lot so I could watch them. Just when I thought I watched the last group fly over there were hundreds more flying about a minute behind. I kept trying to figure out if they were ducks, geese, seagulls? Then I decided who cares? They were birds on their way to somewhere, riding the gulfstream, flapping their wings, on their way to new adventures and possibilities... and probably food. They were leaving the cold weather behind them. I watched them for the next 20 minutes. The sun was going down. Was I the only one who could see this amazing event? I decided to live in the moment and just enjoy this amazing site. Note to self... put my binoculars in the car... they don't do me any good sitting in the closet. Who knows when I can witness an event like this again? I plan to be ready.
The picture above was not taken by me. I thought you could get a better idea what I saw today with a visual aide, but times the amount of birds in the photo by a few thousand. I give credit to Darren Murph, (I found the photo on google) he was apparantly more prepared than me by having his camera ready for the unexpected perfect picture.
xoxo Inge

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