Jan 13, 2010

I am sick as hell. Bad timing... but is there really a good time to be sick? I got sick Monday at 4 am... body aches, nausea, headache. I called in sick. 18 hours later I thought my insides were coming apart. Vomiting, diarrea every 2 hours for the next 10 hours. I haven't been this sick in I don't know how long. I called my son, James and he took me too a Minute Clinic at CVS. The nurse could not help me... she suspected stomach flu and dehydration. We called around some clinics but no one was taking new patients. I looked up stomach flu and the symptoms are the same but the prognosis is not hopeful. Some people who wrote about their illness said it lasted up to 2 weeks and even came back. This is day 3 and I did not go to work... my official last day... but there is nothing I can do I am too weak and I look like hell. I am supposed to start my new job Friday and I hope I can make it.
Hope you are well and don't forget to laugh out loud (although right now I don't feel like laughing too much)
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

Try homeopathic Arsenicum, it is the empirical remedy for stomach flu. Stay hydrated with electrolytes from Pediolyte or the like (a baby formula for dehydration).