Jan 8, 2010

I have some more free time now that I have given my notice at work. I leave before my 10 are up. I get paid for the hours I work and if my work is done before the magical 10 hours I go home. The company saves a couple of bucks and I keep my sanity... at least for a little while longer. College football is on television alot this week... championships or something at least that is what John tells me... I really don't know I tend to zone out when he starts talking sports. In fact if I want to a sure fire way to get to sleep... I sit in front of the tele when sports is on and I am out in a minute!

Anyway, I was cruzing the web and I found another funny site you may enjoy

http://www.askejean.com/ It really is a hoot (at least I think so)

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S.Crockett said...

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