Jan 16, 2010

I finally went to Urgent Care... I just wasn't feeling better. It is really interesting and annoying to always be asked "Do you have insurance?" That is always the very first question. Not "What is your symptoms? How can I help you?" My answer is "No I do not have insurance"... I cannnot afford the $300 a month for insurance and even if I could the premium eats up all my discretionary income so I do not have the money for the co-pays. Anyway when I give my answer I always get the same look... free loader. Then they tell me it will cost me $67 to start... soooo! Just because I don't have insurance does not mean I do not have money put away for emergencies and this is an emergency... at least for me. I'm sick and I am hardly ever sick so for me to go to an western doctor means I really feel bad.
The doc that saw me was or at least seemed like he knew what he was doing... diagnosis... stomach flu.... well, I already knew that...well, sort of my ocd can kick in and run wild with obsessive thoughts if I let it.... but stomach flu - even though it sucks is the best illness... if I have to choose one. He gave me some GI cocktail to calm my stomach so I could drink liquids and eat something so I can gain my strength. He also gave me a prescription, Belladonna with alkaloids.... isn't Belladonna a poison? I think I saw that on the movie Practical Magic (one of my fav flicks).
Anyway, I was told that I could be sick 3 to 7 days with this stuff and I had to be patient and let the virus work its way through. I did not get to start my new food server job but I let the manager know and I do have a doctors note. I hope that will be ok but really I don't have a choice... I don't think customers will appreciate an employee with the stomach flu handling their food. (Although, it happens all the time!)
It is day 5 and I have the strength to blog and clean my kitchen. My tongue no longer has dryer lint growing on it so I am hopeful... Ana made me some delicious looking homemade chicken noodle soup and I will attempt to eat some today.
Hope your weekend is fun and healthy. Don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

Sounds like the "damp turmoil" is certainly on it's way out.....feel all the way better soon.