May 30, 2009

I am sitting here blogging instead of...

studying my windows word and excel programs. I have to admit it...I'm just not that into it. I need to come up with a job and temp office work through an agency is the best way to go when we move, or at least I think it is the only way to go...I need a job...I figure it should be with a temp agency because I have the freedom to come and go...sort of. I have worked for agencies before and they like you to finish the assignment you started. But I need the flexibility to take off a week to move the family down after I find a permanent place to live, so I came up with the temp agency solution. I used Craigslist to get opinions from people who live in Ventura county and are familiar with the agencies down there... to get a recommendation. I got two. Craigslist has been helpful as far as getting information about places to live, work, demographics,etc. I just have to sometimes weed through the crazies and whiners that like to post and give their (usually) unresearched and always bigotted point of views.
Well, I need to get back to my homework...I still can't type faster than 38 wpm...grrrr.

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