May 15, 2009

Santa Paula

is a charming town, surrounded by lush farm fields and about 17 miles from Oxnard. If you are ever in Santa Paula, I recommend eating at the MuPu Grill... upscale but not too pricey and great food. The town has lots of murals that tell the story of Santa Paula and honors the migrant workers. Even though the town is nice, I do not think it is what we are looking for... for one thing it is too far from the larger cities where we will need to work. Ventura or Ojai valley is the smarter choice. Next week I will go back to Ventura and really look at the temp agencies around that area and of course a place to live. It is still scarey... the unknown always is but I am feeling better to have settled on a place to live, now I just have to work on setting things in motion.

Tomorrow I go back home...

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