May 7, 2009

My second head cold

in a month and I don't like it. I rarely get "imbalances" (I do not like to use the word sick) and I feel yucky. No class for me today, I found a textbook on so I can do my lessons at home which is quite nice. I don't know if I will make it to class tomorrow. I want to save my energy and get well... next week I start my weekly trek to socal and I want to be 100%. I probably picked up this latest imbalance from the "lovely" customers who eat at the restaurant. It is amazing how many people do not wash their hands before they eat, use their napkins as kleenex, and sneeze and cough in their hands and then wipe it on their pants! I think it is amazing that there isn't more disease.

We found a car last weekend! Chrysler is having a huge sale and practically giving their cars away. We bought a 2008 PT Cruiser with 21 miles on it. The car was purchased from another dealership that went bankrupt and they had 2 - 2008 models left on the lot. The car has all the bells and whistles and cost $4,000 less than our Scion we bought in 2005! The back seats come completely out which sold me immediately...the color is charcoal grey which looks quite snazzy. I think Lady Luck seems to be looking our way these days.
Have a fun day and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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