May 30, 2009

I am taking a break from my studies

A friend of mine gave me her old tarot cards a few months ago and I have been them a few times a week to keep myslf in check... spritually anyway. I admit it I am a novice and I have to look up the meanings of the cards via the internet and then try to figure out what they mean to me. Things seemed to be going well...the cards seemed to mirror what I was doing and my goals to move...even some issues at work. Then yesterday drew the Tower card. By what I was reading on some tarot interpretation sites, my world was about to collapse...but I would come out a better person. Definitely not something I want to hear. I think I mentioned that I do have a mild (depending on who you ask) case of OCD. I can obsess about something for hours! I get stuck like a needle on a record player (remember those?)

I knew I needed some expert advice and we have only one place where I can get that type of help... The owner of Karma Boutique, Mary. I used to get my cards read every 6 months when I lived in SF but I have not had them read for about 13 years. I think everyone should spend some time throughout their lives with a counselor, especially when going through trying times. Friends are ok but they will neverbe truly honest with you because they do not want to hurt your feelings...a shrink will tell you what you need to hear even if you don't like it. For me I also need guidance from a medium, tarot reader,etc. I sometimes need the help of a reputable reader to keep me on track...spiritually speaking.

Mary straightened me out while she did a tarot spread for me. The tower did not come up and she did not detect terrible news, but I did need to be careful with this move and do a better job with my homework this time around. I do not want to move to a sketchy neighborhood and I don't want to rent a house that is in foreclosure only to find out that I have to move in 48 hours because the owner is trying to make some fast cash off me...I heard this has happened to a few people. Mary suggested that I strike a balance between my spirit and my human self... in other words meditate and do my homework.

While I am on the subject of meditation I have been doing that lately. Do you know how many forms there are? Lots! You can find alot of them on youtube. I do like the Zen meditation but it sure is hard...ok, it is impossible for me to clear my mind of thoughts. Try it for yourself...sit in a chair and close your eyes and breathe...listen to the sounds around you but do not think about it or analize it and for heavens sake do not start thinking about your grocery list! Just BE in the silence. Go ahead try it for 5 minutes, you will be shocked what your mind starts thinking.

I also like the meditation that contains chanting. There are some nice ones also on youtube. Alot of them have background music that is nice and makes it easier to focus on the meditation. I meditate because for me I remain calmer in stressful situations. I tend to laugh things off more instead of getting sucked into the drama and there is alot of drama at work! I know some of you will think I am a nut or ask why not pray? Well, my answer is that meditation is my prayer. I feel a connection with something higher than myself. Actually meditation can be done anywhere even walking the is just being present and living in the moment...really looking at the trees... the birds...the smell of fresh cut grass... the feeling of cold air on my skin. We really take all these experinces for granted and don't notice things because we are busy with our lives. When is the last time you laid back in the grass and watched the clouds??? That is meditation. It is taking a break from this fast paced life we have.

Now after that sermon on meditation it is time to laugh outloud
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, said...

I think you are right once you start really doing a thing, every thing is meditation or medicine or art or???