May 1, 2009

So much to think about

and not enough time in the day to do it! I will be working only 2 days a week the second week in May and spending the rest of the time in southern california. I checked into renting a car on a monthly basis because we have only one car. It has not been an issue since we lived in Chico... when we lived in San Francisco we did not own a car... but I think down south we will eventually need to buy a second car. I have owned used cars for most of my life, infact LuLu our Toyota Scion that we bought a week before we moved here is mu first brand new car. I am leery about buying used because of all the problems I had. It seems I rode in more tow trucks than I care to remember. Well, I checked into renting a car until we buy one-I had a friend back in the 80s who rented a car for 6 months before she finally bought one and it cost her $250 a month- so silly me thought it can't be more than $300 these days... WRONG! try $800 for an economy car. Yikes! Just renting for 5 days will cost $200 each trip down south... so I have been searching the internet and craigslist for car deals. Thank goodness for carfax! I only want to spend $10,000 for a nearly new car...(and still make payments) a Scion XB would be perfect since I own its cousin the XA and love it! I need something big enough to haul around my stuff for the flea market and has great gas mileage... that gas will eventually go back up...but so far no luck. I will have to put in a request to my fairy godmother.

I am going ahead as planned, May 13 I start my search... Ventura county is my first area of interest. I asked around the ventura craigslist for opinions and after weeding out the assortment of kooks and whiners I got some very nice emails from individuals who were very helpful. I am meeting a woman in Santa Paula one of those days and hope to get more insight. The last time we moved I did not have access to the internet and I am grateful I have such a handy tool to do all my research. There is no way to find out all the information I need to make a successful relocation without it. I can hardly believe I was able to do what I did to move to Chico. Back then I did not even own a cell phone but quickly had to buy one since the majority of people have voicemail and rarely return calls, especially long distance. And I was having a hard time finding phone booths that took coins.

Well, back to my car search....

Have a fun weekend and don't forget to laugh outloud!

xoxo Inge

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