Jul 21, 2009

I drove to San Diego yesterday, and I have to admit I was disappointed with the downtown area. It looked exactly like downtown San Francisco... dirty, crowded, scruffy people... probably has the same problems any large city has. It definitely was not the vacation spot I imagined. I did not feel relaxed like I did at Seal Beach. I stopped by the hotel I was thinking of staying at which is about two miles north of the downtown area and I was disappointed with that too. I am glad I did not put down a deposit. The main problem was no parking... no paid overnight lot parking... no street parking.... just like San Francisco... and the hotel (which I am not naming on purpose to give the owner a break because he was helpful and friendly on the phone) was a bit too worn out for my taste and for the monthly rent of $1100.00, with no parking. Did I mention there was no parking in the area?
The Employment Development Office was ok. I have to return on Friday and attend a group orientation.... if I can get in, they expect lots of people to show up. In Chico I signed up and met with a job counselor all in the same day. Go figure. So I decided to try the Orange county EDD today. I did not realize that Orange county is so close to San Diego county, so maybe I will have luck there. I also looked on craigslist and there are appear to be some good jobs listed... at least there are some sprinkled throughout the many scam jobs! Check out these ads...
BEWARE: of the Ad requesting a Female Stylist (L.A.)
Beware, because this man is asking for a topless hairdresser (or or one willing to wear lingerie) while cutting his hair. This is so Very insulting. I've worked many years at top salons in Beverly Hills perfecting my craft, and can't imagine this same man asking other professionals (such as his doctor) if she wouldn't mind being topless while making a house call. I think not... Have some Respect Please.
I Need Help Taking Out My Micro Braids (West Los Angeles)
Hey Ladies... I need two people to help me take out my braids tomorrow morning around 10am. With 3 of us helping to take the braids out we should have them done in less than 2 hours... the job pays $25 to each person. If you are available please let me know- you would have to come to me but if you live close I can probably pick you up. thanks!
Reply to: gigs-64ztd-1272314890@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-07-15, 7:56PM PDT
Im getting fat and I dont like it, moobs arent hot and I sweat sitting down in front of the A.C. I need to know what to do and how much of it is needed to get good results. I have a bowflex and treadmill at home and a 24hr fitness pass, none of which obviously get used. Help.
Facebook help needed - $5.00 (Los angeles)
Reply to: gigs-zz4ss-1271253674@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-07-15, 9:34AM PDT
I'm trying to build some new facebook pages. I'll give you $5.00 dollars if you invite your network to these 3 pages. 100% legit, I can send via Paypal or mail. You must have at least 300 people in your network and your network majority must be in Los Angeles.
Welcome to LA!!!!!
Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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