Jul 23, 2009

On the road again...

That's where I'll be tomorrow at this time... heading north to Chico. I miss my family sooooo much! I have been gone 2 weeks this time and I really miss everyone. I come back Monday and Tuesday morning I have an interview with a temp agency. I originally applied online for receptionist positions and emailed my resume reflecting that type of experience...BUT yesterday I had an "Aha!" moment. I was talking to a neighbor of James and she now works as a teacher...kindergarten...bless her! I can't do it... not enough patience anymore....but she used to work for Marie Calendars as the bar manager for nearly 20 years. She suggested I check them out for their assistant manager trainee positions. I decided what the hell! I have been killing myself with this typing stuff and even though I am better, I have to face it-under pressure my typing is not good. I remember back in the day when I did temp work and someone handed me a paper to type and return in 5 minutes and the handwriting was a mess! I had no idea what it said and when I asked the person who wrote it- they would get annoyed because apparantly the person I was filling in for had a secret decoder ring that she used to decipher the letter and she took it with her. You get my drift.

I do however, have a great deal of experience in restaurants as a server but my feet have worn out and I cannot carry loads of plates anymore but since I know the restaurant biz and I am not afraid to make a decision I would be a perfect candidate for restaurant management. It couldn't hurt. So I will change my focus and see what happens...
New help wanted ads from craigslist.
Don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge


d. moll, l.ac. said...

I think that managers get to sit down more! Good luck and happy reunion with your family! :)

Michele said...

Good for you Girl! I think that is the right kinda attitude! I wish you all the best of luck in your new adventure :) Michele