Jul 2, 2009

One of my favorite things to do is...

junking. I have a favorite place to go, 8th & Main Antiques, downtown Chico. I used to live a block away and would go snoop once a week. Well, today after going to a job interview ( I will tell you about that later) and typing at the unemployment office I decided to visit 8th & Main...I hadn't been there in weeks. I was surprised to see the front windows boarded up but there was a sign stating the entrance was now in back of the 2nd building ... now the 2 buildings together are almost a the size of a half block... there is a Quality Inn right next door that has been under construction for at least 6 months and is nearly done... so I thought maybe the antique mall wanted a makeover too. When I got inside the 2nd building of the mall I asked the sales person when they decided to remodel and she said "It's no remodel the front building caught fire and is destroyed. It happened 5 days ago". I was speechless. There were tons of vendors selling their goodies both old and new and the vendor in the front window specialized in french antiques, candles and soap... all gone... and I will bet few had business fire insurance... I didn't when I had my booth in Paradise. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of that nasty fire and I remember thinking - ok, I didn't take out insurance and I there is the possibility of losing my inventory. Too late now.

I am sure they will rebuild but I feel bad for the vendors and of course us shoppers... a few months ago the only other antique mall went out of business and now we don't have a nice place to snoop, reminisce and buy one of a kind treasures. I took pictures of the french antique booth a couple of years ago... what a bummer. The link below is to the Chico ER Newspaper report along with pictures of what the antique mall looks like now.
I mentioned earlier that I went to a job interview... I won't say where because there are some people that read my blog who live here and I don't want to "open a can of worms" but.... I went to the interview dressed nicely (I thought) - remember that I told you I see lots of people looking for work wearing dirty clothes or looking like a hooker... anyway I wore the outfit I wore when I sold cars and they are dressy... I thought the interview went well, but I don't get my hopes up anymore because we are all great actors and just because someone smiles at me does not mean they are thinking the same way. Well, a birdie told me that... one person remarked that it didn't look like I was wearing a bra... I didn't dress very well for an interview and I talked too loud. They are lucky I didn't start cussing and throw around my fav word which ryhmes with luck. Oh well, next!
I have the hardest time trying to figure out the best game plan though... look for work around here.. which I thought might be a better plan and find someplace I can transfer down south but the economy... well, sucks! at least around here, and the money at the restaurant is so bad I am losing money monthly by staying there. I was hoping to stay a year and make money and stash it away and build up our savings again... but if we are losing money, maybe it is better to take the plunge and quit and go south, rent a room , find work and then a permanent place and move the family down. I hate the thought of being away from everyone for at least a month though.
One of the problems of being a Libra is I cannot make up my mind and John is a Libra too so we both sit around saying "I don't know what do you think"?
Don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

Not both Libras! my son and brother are Libras with the same birthday. Better luck next time with the job interview. Not wearing a bra, don't these people know bras impede lymphatic drainage and can contribute to cancer. LOL it is true.