Jul 7, 2009

James had a better night last night meaning he slept 4 hours. Anna, his girlfriend has been up with him alot too, well, ok - she has been up more at night than me. She works in the day so that is when my real shift begins. Between you and me I am concerned that I am not earning money right now and of course choosing between work and taking care of James is a no brainer... but I still worry and the economic climate does not help any. I am typing though... I brought my laptop and when I am not helping James I am typing. I have so much time invested in typing lessons I cannot give up now. I will type the required 40 wpm and then some, I want to get my certificate typing 45 wpm.

I am still keeping up with the news from Iran - they are still active and rumor has it there has been hangings. If you would like to stay informed here is a link that might be useful
xoxo Inge

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