Jul 15, 2009

James has some really nice neighbors. Ken and his wife Charma come over daily to visit and bring chocolate chip cookies. They have a fun bird named, Fred who also comes along for the walk but waits outside with Charma because Brodie, Jame's Gordon Setter would probably think Fred was a toy to play with.

Last weekend I went home for to visit John and the furbabies. I really miss them and since Anna has weekends off I decided to go home. I have been talking about selling at one of the flea markets down here so I packed up the PT Cruiser and brought all the stuff back that I wanted to sell. Alot of it came out of my antique booth I closed up last December, plus goodies I picked up at yard sales and thrift stores. Yesterday, I googled the surrounding flea markets and most are not open this weekend or like the Melrose Trading Post, http://www.melrosetradingpost.org/ there is a long, long waiting list. But I got in the Long Beach Antique and Collectibles Outdoor Market for this Sunday!! http://www.longbeachantiquemarket.com/index.shtml There was a cancelation right in the front reserved section which is a prime spot... you know what they say... Location! Location! Location! is very important for a successful business. I am excited about this opportunity but the down side is I have to be there at 5 a.m. ugh! why can't there be evening flea markets? Maybe I'll look into getting an evening flea market started... I'm sure there are more people like me who are not "morning" people... we'll see. Anyway, selling at the flea market down here is a dream come true for me.

I am also responding to job ads on craigslist. Administrative assistant, retail, customer service stuff. I decided to stop fretting about my typing speed and just apply already. The temp agencies so far are a bust... most of them are huge corporations with offices all over the planet so my online application pretty much gets lost in the shuffle. There is an EDD office in San Diego county but it sounds alot smaller than the one in Chico. The way I look at it now is... if something is a real struggle to make happen then whatever I'm after is not for me anyways. I will now take the path of least resistance.

Some people look good with gray hair. I don't... so today I went to the beauty school to get my hair "touched up' in Orange... a cute little town way far away from Jame's house... at least it seemed far away. Actually, Anaheim and the surrounding cities are so much bigger than Chico. Anyways, I really liked Orange... lots of cute coffee shops, vintage clothing stores and antiques shops... everything that make my heart go pitter patter! I will have to add this place to my list of places to visit after we are settled in.

James is getting around better but cannot walk on his ankle for another 2 weeks, at least. He goes for his first doc appt. since the surgery this Friday and I will take him.
Hope your summer is going well and you are getting lots of fun time!
xoxo Inge

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