Jul 6, 2009

Life Happens!

When you least expect it and you are busy looking for work ... a new place to live and suddenly you get a call from your grown son - "Happy 4th, I'm in the emergency room " and his voice sounds groggy.... I hold my breath and ask "what happened?" remembering the last phone call I got from him with the same greeting from the emergency room only that time he and his girlfriend were mugged and beat up outside a neighborhood bar... "I think I broke my foot jumping off a boat". I felt relief - a broken foot I can deal with... So the next day early I drive down south while he is in surgery... I forgot is is Sunday and the end of the 4th of July weekend, but I am lucky I don't hit the freeway parking lot until I get 20 miles north of the Grapevine and then I am about 120 miles away and it takes me nearly 3 more hours to get to Anaheim.

So it is now Monday, James is home and after a "bad" night he is finally feeling less pain (we increased Vicadin dosage )- he has a metal plate and six screws in his ankle as a souvenir from his 2009 July 4th festivities - and I am blogging, looking for jobs down here... I did say I wanted to move down here didn't I?

James showed me the picture of his ankle before treatment and before the docs relocated his dislocated ankle ( don't camera phones come in handy?) and his ankle is turned completely to the left and is dangling off the bone... it looks gross. I heard one of his male friends threw up when he saw James' foot. I'm glad I wasn't there.
Hope your 4th was less exciting.
I have not heard from my job counselor today, I usually get several job leads by now... maybe I scared him by the "brutally honest" messages I left him regarding the job interview I had last week. Oh well, I am no longer looking for work in Chico anyway.
Don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

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d. moll, l.ac. said...

Oh gosh, I'm glad he is feeling improved, poor baby, I can say that I'm a mom too.........Yeah, hate those hospital call, I get them for my dad......Happy 4th!!!!