Jul 29, 2009

If I could get paid for getting lost in LA

I could be well on my way to make my first million. I have driven up and down Hwy 91 east and west - not to mention Hwy 5 to San Diego. I have missed numerous exits and have lost count of how many drivers have flipped me off for driving to slow. One time I got off the hwy onto another thinking I will just go around and get back on the freeway going the other way... but that highway is a toll road so when I got off (after going a mere 1/4 mile) I had to drop in a dollars worth of change... no pennies thank you and no actual person in the toll booth only a surveilance camera just itching to photograph me leaving without paying my dollar so the powers that be can send me a fine for god knows how much. After searching my purse, ashtray, and under the seats I came up with the coins and went on my way.
I came across a man who said he knew the area and directed me to the freeway hwy 5 where I can drive all day for free but this guy did not know the area and I was lost for 20 minutes on surface streets and finally had to call James for help.
Yay! I was a mere 2 blocks from the illusive freeway entrance. But the closer I got I noticed grey smoke at my freeway entrance! Apparantly the once green, very dry shrubs were on fire and no one was able to get on! Damn! There went another 15 minutes driving through endless traffic looking for another freeway entrance.
Hope your day went well and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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