Aug 2, 2011

Have you been to the Good Will lately? I haven't been in months and I got sticker shock when I was there. Their merchandise has gone up alot! Even when they are damaged. I am guessing it has to do with the economy...most people will continue to shop even when they have less money in their wallets, but they will shop at cheaper places....namely second hand stores. When I lived in Chico, I was always able to buy lots of things with my $10, not so much. Infact I went over my budget by $9. I did find 3 large rubber tubs though for $4 each...that's about half the price than Target. I like packing my things in tubs instead of boxes because they are easier to stack and just look better. I also found this cute circa 1950s bunny planter...I plan to put small indoor plants in them and sell them at flea markets. I did that two years ago and did pretty good...the price point was $10...people seem to be willing to spend that amount on an indoor plant, especially if it's in a vintage planter. I bought the bunny planter for $2. I also found a metal shelf that I will use for display. For now it will sit outside in my patio. It looks good but I paid $6 for it...a couple of years ago I would have got it for $3. Oh well...I still had fun snooping around and looking for treasures that were also bargains. Where do you find your bargains? xo Inge

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