Aug 13, 2011

I went out today looking for yard sales. I left at 1:30 because I try to make sure there will be no bathroom issues once I leave home. Apparently that is too late for these people because when I followed the signs there were no yard sales...which brings me to my pet peeve...why can't these people take down the signs? They did go to the trouble of putting up these signs...why can't they take them down? Do they really think it's up to someone else to clean up after them?

Now that I got that gripe out of the way... I visited the Salvation Army. They were having a 50% off sale. Yay! Who needs some stinking yard sale anyway. I got lots of goodies for $7... mostly dishes that I can break to use for my mosaic projects. I am looking forward to the day I am strong enough to smash some plates. My bottom still is unhappy when I sit on it too long and mosaics take awhile to do.

My body is also very stiff. Before I got sick I stretched twice a day. Now I can barely stretch anything. I try sitting cross legged for the lotus position but my knees won't cooperate. I can also forget doing yoga child pose too. I will keep trying and hopefully I will be more flexible again. xo Inge

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