Aug 25, 2011

My mammagram came back normal. Yay! I am happy about that, now if they were just a bit more perky.I remember when I was in my 20s and I wore an A cup...why bother right? I wanted bigger boobs so I saw this ad from I think the back of a magazine that claimed it could make my breasts one size I ordered it. It came in a plain brown box about two weeks later. It worked like the thigh master...remember that? only instead of putting it between my thighs I pushed it together (it had heavy springs for resistance) with my hands. Today I realize it was working my pectoral muscles. Anyway after a couple of weeks of using this contraption, I started to see amazing results. Wow! And then I got morning sickness. Of course my boobs were getting bigger I was pregnant! I should have waited and saved myself the 19.995 plus shipping.

I also heard from my doctor about my pap...apparently the radiation did a number on my cervix and she could not get enough healthy cells to do a thorough back I go tomorrow for a second try. I told her I would go but only if that same cute intern would be there to help...I mean learn. Hey! I would like to get some kinda action down there and its been a long time since a handsome 30 something man has paid attention to me.

Eat your fruits & veggies! xo Inge

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