Aug 17, 2011

I got a mammogram today. My last one was done about 20+ years ago. Now I remember why I waited so long. There's nothing like having your breast squashed between 2 pieces of Plexiglas to get your attention...just when you tell the tech "that's too tight" she tightens it a little more. I think she squeezed out left over breast milk from 34 years ago! I have to say this was the fanciest medical office I have been to yet. I should have brought my camera. It looked like a spa! They had a gift shop, so while I was waiting for my pager to buzz...yes, I said pager...I said it was fancy. I found some inspirational pendants that were half off... I just had to buy a few...after all I'm in creative mode and these beauties will become something fabulous!
Eat your fruit & veggies! xo Inge

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