Aug 26, 2011

I saw my doc today to get my pap redone. Hopefully she got enough healthy tissue this time for the lab. I was bummed though. I lost 2 more pounds...I am down to 126. All I can say is Shit! I eat like a horse and poop like one too. I went to the market afterwards and broke down and bought some organic apples. They were on sale....1.50 per pound so I bought 10. I got lots of other goodies too. I am back to juicing. I threw in 6 baby carrots, 2 celery, 1/2 a cucumber and apple. That made about 10 ounces. I figure if I juice my veggies then I will not get the amount of fiber I have been getting, and that will slow things down. I also will eat more high calorie stuff; peanut butter sandwiches, cream cheese and bagel, chicken & rice stirfry. Maybe I should change my ratio to 50/50. If I remember correctly, I did not have the amount bathroom problems when I juiced. My doc thinks that is the culprit. She is also sending me to a nutritionist. I explained to her I want to keep my diet healthy and alkaline and she looked at me like I was from Mars. Western medicine is great but there are aspects of it that are behind the times.

Of course there is a minute I think the worst, but doc assured me that is why I get regular blood tests and scans. I am supposed to get a ct scan next month but haven't heard about a date yet. I also feel a twinge on my right side where I think my large intestine is. It's hard to describe. It doesn't hurt but there is some energy going on there. I have had it before...probably for years if really think about it. Ugh! I gotta find something funny to watch...

Eat your fruits & veggies! xo Inge

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